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Priceless Eternity's Purpose
The purpose of Priceless Eternity is to seek biblical truth in a world that hates God— to examine the Scriptures daily and destroy false assumptions. But above all else, Priceless Eternity is about the gospel— that on the cross, Jesus Christ bore the sins of His people. He bore the wrath of God which His people justly deserved. But He did not remain dead, He rose again, demonstrating that He was indeed the Son of God.

Good deeds, regardless of quantity, cannot purchase salvation. Through Christ alone a person can be saved. Salvation is a gift, it is priceless. Most people live the majority of their lives as if they will live for all eternity, but few there are who bow in humility at the foot of the cross, cease from human effort, and take hold of the priceless gift of salvation— eternity with God.

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