Thursday, August 09, 2012

Quote of the Day #212 - F. W. Krummacher

A quote from F. W. Krummacher:
It may indeed be the case that men will revile and persecute thee; but if thou faithfully endure, thy reward shall be great. The light shall always rise upon thee after the darkness; and after sorrow, joy shall again visit thy threshold. Nor shall anyone be able to snatch thee out of the Lord’s hands; but after having fought the good fight, thou shalt finally receive the crown of righteousness, shalt not see death, but pass from death unto life, and triumph eternally.
~F. W. Krummacher (The Suffering Saviour, Chapter 1)

This quote was taken from Samuel Jackson's translation of F. W. Krummacher's book The Suffering Saviour: Meditations On The Last Days Of Christ.

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