Friday, June 08, 2012

Quote of the Day #208 - William Gurnall

A quote from William Gurnall, addressing why there are varying beliefs within Christianity:
How can a person know for sure what is truth when there are so many different beliefs in Christianity? Some have stumbled so hard on religious dissension that they have abandoned the truth they once held; and while they are not stranded on the island of atheism they have been driven out into uncertainty, unwilling to anchor their judgments until they see a present resolution of all differences of judgment and opinion to find unity in every aspect of our religion. Surely they are as foolish as the man who refused to eat until all clocks in the city struck twelve at exactly the same time.
~William Gurnall (The Christian in Complete Armour Volume 2, Chapter 1, Part 1).

This quote was taken from the book The Christian in Complete Armour Volume 2 - A modernized abridgement of the Puritan Classic by William Gurnall, published by Banner Of Truth.

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