Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Footsteps Of Death - The Gospel (Part 10 of ∞)

Do you hear it? Do you hear the footsteps approaching?

Death is coming for you.

Every day, death draws nearer and nearer, and there is nothing you can do to delay its arrival. You may feel that you are in control of your life. You may have a great mind or a great body. You may be in good health. But such things have no power to stop death. Try as hard as you can, you will not succeed in adding even one hour to your life (Matthew 6:27).

Death takes both the poor and the rich, both the wise and the foolish. It will take you, just as it took those who came before you.

So what should you do? What should you do in light of the fact that you are going to die?

You should recognize why death exists. There are a lot of people that would tell you that death exists because it's just how nature works. But it's not just how nature works. Death exists for this reason:


Let that sink in deep. Death exists because of sin. You will die because you have sinned.

In light of the inevitability of death, be sure that you know that death is not the end. It may be the end of your life here on earth, but it is not the end. When you die, oh Christian, you will enter the presence of God! There the footsteps of sin and Satan will never again be able to reach you! It is on this future bliss that you are to set your hope!

Oh Christian, if you truly love Christ, you are prepared for death. The blood of Jesus Christ has covered all your sin! Therefore, cling to Him all the tighter while you still have breath, for He is your only hope. You can find joy in Him. And though the footsteps of death may crush you once (taking you out of the miseries of this fallen planet), they will never crush you again. For you will spend all of eternity basking in the presence of God, pondering His graciousness in granting you everlasting life for all of eternity!

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  1. wow I just studied the topic of death in scripture yesterday and today I see this post. :)