Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Top 10 Funniest Search Entries Of 2011

One of the more entertaining parts of blogging is looking through the various ways people arrive at this site.

When people find this blog using Google (or some other search engine), it's usually through searching something like: "How big was Noah's ark?" or "How many wise men were there?" But occasionally, people reach this blog with some rather funny searches. I've compiled a list below of the funniest search entries of 2011 that led people to this blog.

10. 874 years

9. lamechs 2 wifes is the secret to noahs genealolgy

8. how big is 6"

7. does noah's flood show eternity

6. summarize genesis 6

5. how do raven's find dead animals

4. martin luther, dragon, flood to destroy

3. joseph dont be afraid i'm in the pegenesis

2. don't be afraid of your wife

1. are a dove and a raven the same thing

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