Friday, December 30, 2011

Where Priceless Eternity Is Heading In 2012

It's that time of year again. The New Year is right around the corner, and people are reevaluating their lifestyles and thinking about what resolutions they should make for 2012.

This seemed like the best time to look back on the past year and let you know what's in store for Priceless Eternity in 2012.

A Look Back At 2011
I've wrote on a wide range of topics over the past year, from how humanity's diet changed after the Flood to Nero's persecution of early Christians. My main focus over the past year, though, was the worldwide flood described in the early chapters of Genesis.

In 2012, I will not focus nearly as much on the Flood. In fact, by the end of January, I will be finished going through Genesis 9, the chapter which marks the end of the Flood account in Scripture.

Coming In 2012: More Writing On Genesis
In this coming year you can expect to see more posts on Genesis. After spending so much time writing about passages from this book, I do not think that I will be able to take myself away from it once I'm finished with the chapters on the Flood.

I do not (at least right now) intend to write verse by verse commentary on all of Genesis, but I do intend to cover the main themes contained in the book. In the coming year you can expect a couple posts on Genesis 10 and several posts on the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11.

Coming In 2012: More Topical Writing
When I started this blog I wrote down a list of about 50 topics that I wanted to address, and since then that list has grown considerably. There is no common theme among these 50+ topics, so you can expect see some posts in the coming year on a wide variety of content. Some of the upcoming topical posts will be how-to posts (such as How To Study For God's Glory) and some of them will answer common questions (such as Will We Recognize People In Heaven?).

Coming In 2012: More Quotes
One of my favorite parts about this blog has been posting helpful quotes. You can expect more quotes from Charles Spurgeon, William Gurnall, and others in the coming year.

As a reminder, if you ever come across a good quote, feel free to send an email with the quote according to the guidelines listed here.

Thank You!
Finally, for all who regularly read Priceless Eternity, I want to say Thank You. If you ever have a question or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment or send an email. I always enjoy hearing from readers.

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  1. Excellent post, right on time. I know that this was written in 2012 but if feel so current. I was just thinking about the beginning ( Genenis. I will save this blog as a favorite.