Friday, November 11, 2011

Noah's Fall - Genesis 9:20-21 Bible Commentary

Then Noah began farming and planted a vineyard. He drank of the wine and became drunk, and uncovered himself inside his tent. (Genesis 9:20-21)
Noah was blameless.
He had walked with God,
and heard God's voice.
He had built an ark,
survived the flood,
built an altar,
and received God's covenant.

Everything was finished.
Now he could
settle down,
and relax.

And so, Noah began to farm.
He planted a vineyard.
Soon enough,
The vineyard grew.

The fruit from the vineyard was gathered.
Wine was made.

Noah drank the wine.
And he drank some more wine.
And then, he drank some more.

The man who had weathered so great a storm—
The man who had been so faithful for so long—
had given into temptation.

Noah fell.
And his fall was great.

He uncovered himself so that his drunken sinfulness was on full display.
Noah, after being mightily used by God, fell, just as so many others have.
He fell like Samson did with Delilah.
Like David did with Bathsheba.

If you do not get anything else out of Genesis 9:20-21, get this: It does not matter how much God has used you. It does not matter how faithful you have been in the past. You are still living in a mortal body that is subject to temptation. You are not yet in a pure, resurrected body, and every single day you must seek to kill off the sin that clings to you. If you do not, you will be caught off guard, and you will fall— just as Noah did.

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  1. What a beautiful message, thank you so much, may God keep blessing you with such beautiful Christians life lessons, have a Bless Day.