Friday, November 04, 2011

The Hopeless, Melting Marvels Of Life - The Gospel (Part 8 of ∞)

As Christians, we should not put our hope in the things that this world hopes for. This world puts its hope in the well-polished pleasures of this life. Such pleasures, while at first satisfying to the people of this world, soon melt away. What was once a splendid pleasure becomes boring. And so what do the people of this world do? They run after greater pleasure! Why? Because that is where they have put their hope. They have put their hope in themselves— in self-satisfaction.

The hope of the Christian should be different. Much different. Oh Christian, do not delight in the marvels of this life that, like ice, melt away in the heat and passion of the moment— but pursue Christ with all your strength!

In Christ: that is the only place where true and enduring hope can be found!

The ultimate hope is the Gospel— that one day Jesus Christ will come back to reign forever and ever. On that day, we will be perfectly clean and pure and whole— like Him! Put your hope in that and you will be pure, just as He is pure (1 John 3:3).

Of all people, Christians should be the most hopeful. They have the hope of eternity. The hope of the coming resurrection— of the new Heaven and the new Earth.

The hope of the Christian is not an ignorant hope, but a confident hope. A hope which will more surely come to pass than the rising of the sun. The hope of the Christian is this: that this world is temporary— that the pleasures of this world are empty, deceptive pursuits. And most important of all: that God, by His grace, saves undeserving men through the blood of Jesus Christ.

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