Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quote of the Day #167 - Charles Spurgeon

A quote from Charles Spurgeon on how sin damages the conscience:
Sin is a disease which, in some cases causes extreme pain and anguish, but in other instances deadens sensibility. It frequently happens that, the more sinful a man is, the less he is conscious of it. It was remarked of a certain notorious criminal that many thought him innocent because, when he was charged with murder, he did not betray the least emotion. In that wretched self-possession there was to my mind presumptive proof of his great familiarity with crime: if an innocent person is charged with a great offence, the mere charge horrifies him. It is only by weighing all the circumstances, and distinguishing between sin and shame, that he recovers himself. He who can do the deed of shame does not blush when he is charged with it.
~Charles Spurgeon (Healing By The Stripes Of Jesus 2000.711)

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