Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Hope Made Only Of Sand - The Gospel (Part 6 of ∞)

Hope. The word carries an inherent sense of calmness. Hope is the opposite of destitution and emptiness. When hope is gone, all is lost. When hope is present, all is found.

Many people persistently pursue a false hope— a hope which is temporal, a hope which quickly fades away. This false hope sounds its trumpet loud and clear. It urges people to hope in their accomplishments. It urges people to increase in pride rather than humility.

True wisdom sounds its battle cry with a much different tune, “Do not think yourself to be wiser than you actually are! Do not hope in yourself, for you are a mortal creature! Instead, hope in that which is greater than yourself. Hope in that which endures!"

The world is filled with hopelessness. Earthquakes rattle the planet. Tsunamis, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes bring chaos, sweeping up masses of human life. Poverty plagues much of the globe. Hopeless people are everywhere.

Every day, countless numbers of people think they have finally grasped hope, but the hope that they find is nothing but a handful of wet sand. The beach may have brought some pleasure, but as the days pass, the sand begins to dry. As the years pass, the dry sand, as in an hourglass, slowly falls from their grasp, so that when death finally approaches, they have nothing but empty hands. What will be the outcome for those with empty hands on that final day? What will be the outcome for those who refused to cling to things of eternal value? Nothing but the wrath of God. Nothing but judgment.

Oh what a privilege it is to be able to seek Christ now! To be able to seek Him while alive and with breath— because death will soon come. How awful it would be to fall into the hands of God without the blood of Christ!

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