Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I Have Learned From One Year Of Blogging

On August 17th 2010, I posted a quote. It was not just any ordinary quote... it was the first quote: Quote of the Day #1 - Charles Spurgeon.

At the time, I did not know what I was getting myself into. And if you would have told me that one year later (on August 17th 2011) that there would be 150 quotes on this website (and verse-by-verse commentary on several chapters of the Bible), I probably would not have believed you.

The day that I posted the first quote is the date that I consider the "official" starting date for this blog. That was the date that I decided to commit to blogging (I did write a few posts before then, including one on November 28, 2009— which was followed by a mysterious five month gap without any posts!).

I wanted to mark this "official" starting date with a topic that is more personal than usual: What I Have Learned From One Year Of Blogging.

How To Improve My Writing

This is an obvious point, but nonetheless true. Writing on a consistent basis— three posts every week— has really helped improve my writing. If you go back and look at some of the posts I wrote in August of 2010, and compare them to some of the posts from mid 2011, there will be a noticeable difference.

If you ever want to improve your writing, there is only one way to do it: practice. Just as musicians must practice regularly to become skilled with their instrument, writers also must practice regularly to improve their writing.

It Take Time To Create Quality Content

Typically, I do not write a post on the day that I post it. My best posts tend to be those posts that I have a few days to read over and edit. Between the date that I write a post and the date that I post it, I clear up confusing wording and often end up changing the entire structure of the post (this obviously does not apply to Quote of the Day posts!).

I have also found it helpful to have someone else proof-read what I write before I post it. Not only does it provide another perspective, but skipping over stupid mistakes is very easy to to do!

It Takes Time To Grow A Blog

Why does it take time to grow a blog? Because it takes time to create quality content! Sure, you might be able to get some readers through paid advertising. But you will not get any readers if nothing on your blog is worth reading!

The internet is full of articles about how to "Exponentially Grow Your Blog's Traffic". And while there may be some helpful things that you can do (such as making sure your blog is indexed by search engines), growing a blog is a slow and gradual process. The majority of blogs (this one included!) do not become overnight sensations.

The Most Viewed Posts Are Not Necessarily My "Best" Posts

This is one of the most viewed posts on Priceless Eternity: The Father of Musical Instruments - Jubal - Genesis 4:21. Search engines often lead people to this post. I assume that Jubal must be a popular question in crossword puzzles, because I doubt that there is that much interest in the subject.

It Is Easy To Be Distracted By Something Good

Anything can be turned into an idol, even blogging about Scripture. I know there have been times when I have lapsed into this dangerous territory, and it has been an important lesson. Ministry can be dangerous, especially when it takes the place of knowing God.

Plans For The Coming Year?

As of right now (August 17th, 2011), I plan to continue blogging through Genesis until I reach the end of Genesis 9. After that, I am not sure what I will do. I might go through Genesis 1, 2, or 3— or I might write a few posts on Genesis 10 (and then proceed on to the Tower of Babel). There is also the possibility that I might decide to go through another Psalm, or switch to something more topical.

Around Christmas time, I plan to switch to posts associated with the Christmas theme. One of my favorite chapters in Scripture is Luke 1, so I might decide to begin posting on that chapter starting in early November.

Another idea I have been considering is a "Week In Review" post. Depending on the week, these posts could contain links to useful resources, commentary (from a biblical perspective) on something in the news, and more. Something which should also be popping up on the blog within the next year are book reviews.

If you have a suggestion for a certain topic (or anything else), just leave a comment below. Suggestions from readers are always helpful!

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