Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Cycle Of The Seasons (Part 1) - Genesis 8:22 Bible Commentary

This is the first part in a two part series on Genesis 8:22

You are caught in a blinding whiteness. You extend your arm, but cannot see it. Like a mighty tornado, the snow whirls and whirls around you.

You hand thaws. Suddenly, a bolt of lighting shoots across the sky. As the thunder roars, your vision becomes clear. Rain patters down upon the earth, nourishing the blossoming trees.

Everything becomes green. At full force, the sun beams down its heat upon your back— but before you know it, everything begins to lose its green.

The trees turn red, orange, yellow— everything tumbles down, fades, and turns to brown— and once more, you feel the cold breeze return.

The cycle of the seasons is part of the human experience. While location does have an effect on the intensity and variation of the seasons, the basic experience is the same: as time ticks, seasons change. As years pass, seasons repeat. And all of it is a gracious reminder that time cannot be stopped, that man is mortal.

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