Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quote of the Day #139 - Augustine

This is a quote from Henry Bettenson's translation (1972) of Augustine's book, City of God, on the gospel:
When we were overwhelmed by the load of our sins, when we had turned away from the contemplation of his light and been blinded by our love of darkness, that is, of wickedness, even then he did not abandon us. He sent to us his Word, who is his only Son, who was born and who suffered in the flesh which he assumed for our sake - so that we might know the value God place on mankind, and might be purified from all our sins by that unique sacrifice, and so that, when love has been diffused in our hearts by his Spirit, and when all difficulties have been surmounted, we may come to eternal rest and to the ineffable sweetness of the contemplation of God.
~Augustine (City of God (Penguin Classics), 1984, Book VII, Chapter 31)

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