Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quote of the Day #130 - J. C. Ryle

A quote from J. C. Ryle:
It is not in churchyards alone where the dead are to be found; there are only too many inside our churches, and close to our pulpits, too many on the benches, and too many in the pews. The land is like the valley in Ezekiel's vision, "full of bones, very many, and very dry." (Ezek. 37:2) There are dead souls in all our parishes, and dead souls in all our streets. There is hardly a family in which all live to God; there is hardly a house in which there is not someone dead. Let us all search and look at home! Let us prove our own selves. Are we alive or dead?
J. C. Ryle (Alive Or Dead?)

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