Friday, June 24, 2011

Run To Christ - The Gospel (Part 4 of ∞)

Throw yourself upon Christ! Oh Christian, cast all of your burdens upon Him— He really does care for you. The cross alone is the cure for all unconquered sin. Do not run to anything else for healing. Do not run to anything else for comfort. Run to Him. Run to Christ. He is the only rock that is solid enough to stand upon.

Are you worried? Then run to Him who is sovereign.

Are you filled with doubt? Then run to Him who is always faithful.

Are you enslaved to sin? Then run to Him— the only One who can grant freedom.

It does not matter what the problem is: temptations, or trials, or this, or that... it does not matter. There is one and only one place to run: to Him. The gospel; the gospel. And only the gospel. If your hope is in anything else— if your hope is in something other than the blood of Jesus Christ... then be afraid, be very afraid. Cry out to Him until your loyalties change. Cry out until you are sure of where your confidence truly lies... and then, continue crying out to Him, because He is worthy.

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