Monday, May 09, 2011

Summary of Genesis 7

Normality prevailed throughout the world. Consistency reigned. Everything was continuing on just as it always had. The people of the world were doing what they had always done, living as they had always lived, eating as they always had... But then, normality was interrupted. The world was suddenly cast into 157 of the most destructive days in human history— 157 days that Genesis 7 describes in detail. Over this period of time, the earth was reshaped— not just spiritually, but literally.

Noah, had been warned of the flood's coming 120 years before it hit. Once those 120 years had nearly passed (and when there were just seven days until the flood), God spoke to Noah again, telling him that the pre-flood world had only one more week. During that last week, Noah made final preparations. On the last day, on the very same day that the flood hit, the ark was loaded. The time had come for Noah, his household, and the animals to enter the ark.

Once they entered, God Himself shut the ark. Noah was shut in, but the pre-flood world was shut outmercy had come to an end. Noah's household would be protected by the Creator of the universe, but the pre-flood world would be judged by Him.

Once the ark had been shut, the flood suddenly came upon the earth. The long expected rain had arrived. Water burst forth from the crust of the earth. All the fountains of the great deep burst open. Water fell in sheets from the sky. The water filled the earth— and then filled it some more. It came— unceasingly— for forty days. And at the end of those days, the water had risen above the mountains 15 cubits. By that time, every living thing that moved upon the face of the earth had died. Every human civilization was destroyed (including The City of Enoch, if it existed at the time). Only Noah and those on the ark survived the waters of the flood.

The water prevailed upon the earth 150 days. (Genesis 7:24) With this statement, Genesis 7 comes to an end. God's judgment, it seemed, was complete. But Noah and his household were still waiting— they were still waiting even after enduring (by God's grace) 157 of the most destructive days in human history.

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