Friday, May 20, 2011

The Infinite Depth Of The Gospel - The Gospel (Part 3 of ∞)

Can the gospel be explained in its full glory and majesty? Can human language rightly describe something so marvelous? Can frail and finite creatures describe the infinite worth of this message? The answer to all these questions must be: No!

If you ever reach a point in which you believe that you have understood the gospel of Jesus Christ in all its fullness, then be very afraid. Do you really think that you will ever fully understand the infinite love which God places upon undeserving people?

The gospel is a message of infinite depth. It is a message of infinite love, infinite mercy, and infinite grace. You can never be too dependent on Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian, your greatest problem is that you rely too much on other things— worthless things. The Christian life is a life spent on fighting against such stupid pursuits. It is a fight to rely upon that which matters; a fight to rely on that which actually has worth.

Rely upon Christ! Trust in Christ alone! Do not allow yourself to be tempted into thinking that you have come to a good understanding of the gospel— that you appreciate it just as much as you should— that you should move on so that you can think of higher matters. Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is the center of everything? All of history points to Him! There is nothing higher— there is nothing loftier— there is nothing greater than the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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