Thursday, March 03, 2011

Quote of the Day #85 - Andrew Gray

This is a quote from Andrew Gray, a Puritan who lived from 1634-1656 (emphasis added):
There, is the plague of apostasy and defection from God. Are not our hearts gone a-whoring from Him in all things? And will anything bring us home again, but one broad look of Christ? Then this sore plague will be healed, when Christ will come and stare you in the face, it will make you come home again, Luke xxii, 61. Here is a sad apostasy of Peter, an eminent Christian, both to his spiritual light, his experience and diligence; and what cures all? Even one look of Jesus Christ cures all. Christians, your light, and grace, and experience, and diligence, are exceedingly decayed; and what would heal all this? One look of Christ’s face would do it. 0 for one look of Christ’s fair face today to do this!
~Andrew Gray (The Necessity and Advantage of Looking unto Jesus)

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