Saturday, February 19, 2011

Submit A Quote

If you have an interesting quote from someone that you want to share, feel free to submit the quote in an email and send it to (for a full listing of all the quotes on Priceless Eternity click here). Before you submit a quote, make sure it meets the guidelines below. Even if a quote meets all the guidelines, it does not necessarily guarantee that the quote will be posted.

  • The quote must align with the biblical worldview and the content on Priceless Eternity.
  • The quote should be profound or especially interesting.
  • Do not submit a book of the day, submit a quote of the day (at the most, a couple paragraphs).
  • Provide the source from which you obtained the quote. If the quote is from a book, include the title, date the book was published, and the page number. If the quote is from a sermon, include a link to the sermon and the minute in which the quote was spoken.
  • The quote cannot be a previous quote of the day. If are unsure if the quote has been previously posted, go ahead and submit the quote.

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