Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Quote of the Day #73 - Augustine

This is a quote from Henry Bettenson's translation (1972) of Augustine's book City of God regarding what the Christian's response to death should be:
Death is not to be regarded as a disaster, when it follows on a good life, for the only thing that makes death an evil is what comes after death. Those who must inevitably die ought not to worry overmuch about what accident will cause their death, but about their destination after dying. Christians know that the death of a poor religious man, licked by the tongues of dogs, is far better than the death of a godless rich man, dressed in purple and linen. Why then should those who have lived well be dismayed by the terrors of death in any form?
~Augustine (City of God (Penguin Classics), 1984, Book I, Chapter 11)

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