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Outline of Matthew 1

Below is a list of the pages on Priceless Eternity which cover Matthew 1. To view a larger listing of pages on other parts of Scripture go to the Scripture Index.

Matthew 1
Summary of Matthew 1 The Gospel of Matthew opens with a genealogy— an important genealogy. A unique genealogy. A genealogy that demonstrates that Jesus is genealogically qualified to be the Messiah. Dispersed throughout the genealogy is historic commentary, which causes the reader familiar with the Old Testament to recall...

Matthew 1:1-17
The Lineage of the Messiah In the midst of a world that was seeking temporal pleasure— in the midst of a world that refused to worship God— in the midst of this world, there were some people who were awaiting deliverance. This group of people was expecting the Messiah, who according to the Scriptures, would be a descendant of David...

Matthew 1:18
Mary's Embarrassing Privilege Mary was pregnant, but not yet married. She was living among Jewish people, many of whom would have most certainly seen her as unclean. Perhaps "embarrassing" privilege is lacking in severity. Since Mary was living among a people whose law...

Matthew 1:18
The Virgin Birth Matthew has already explored Jesus' lineage (see Matthew 1:1-17), but he is now about to describe the birth of Jesus Christ in greater detail. Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows... What Matthew is about to state is indisputable; it is exactly what happened and absolutely true, just as the rest of Scripture...

Matthew 1:19
Joseph's Dilemma Joseph, Mary's husband, is mentioned a few times in the beginning of Matthew and Luke; he is also mentioned one last time in connection with Jesus' childhood visit to the temple (Luke 2:41-52). Very little is written in Scripture concerning Joseph, especially in comparison to Mary. However, the book of Matthew does provide enough information to...

Matthew 1:20
Joseph, Do Not Be Afraid to Take Mary as Your Wife Joseph was afraid to take Mary as his wife. Perhaps he was afraid because of lawful reasons. Perhaps he was afraid because he did not want to bring dishonor to his family's name. However, when Joseph was still in the process of considering...

Matthew 1:21
Jesus' Purpose: To Save His People From Their Sins (Part 1) (Part 2) The virgin birth, in and of itself, was a great miracle, but the child to be born would bring about even greater miracles. In the past few verses, Matthew has mainly focused on Mary and Joseph. The emphasis has been on Mary's unique pregnancy, but now the emphasis shifts to the infant who is soon to be born...

Matthew 1:22-23
Isaiah's Prophecy (Part 1) (Part 2) Through Joseph's dream, Mary's innocence is confirmed. Mary is to give birth to a human child. The Child would go on to do things no human had ever done (and things that no human will ever do again). In Joseph's dream, the angel of the Lord did not directly state that the Child in Mary's womb was God Himself, but this truth could easily be implied— for what normal human being can save his people from their sins?

Matthew 1:24-25
Joseph's Obedience and Jesus' Birth After learning of Mary's pregnancy, Joseph had to decide how to respond. When he was leaning towards the conclusion to send Mary away secretly (Matthew 1:19), an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream. The angel's words revealed...

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