Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quote of the Day #52 - John MacArthur

A quote from John MacArthur on Christmas:
Messiah Christ the Savior of the world has been available to men every moment of every day since He arrived, two thousand years ago. And yet men continue to reject Him, continue to refuse Him. There's no reason to wait. The evidence is monumental to verify who He is, and instead of receiving Him men mock Him. And they take that one holiday of the year that is designated to celebrate His coming into the world and they turn it into a crass kind of sick materialism and make Jesus the joke of Christmas. But don't you see friends, it's in this kind of a dark, sick world that the announcement of Jesus Christ must continually and faithfully be given even though the world will not receive.
~John MacArthur (The Saviour Is Born - 12/19/1971)

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