Monday, October 25, 2010

Righteous Men of the Pre-Flood World - Genesis 4:26

To fully realize the significance of Genesis 4:26, the history prior to it must be taken into consideration. In the garden, man sinned and the world plunged into chaos. The fall brought a curse upon mankind. Rather than looking upon such tragic events and ceasing from sin, men multiplied their transgressions. Hypocrisy and hatred. Murder. Polygamy and pride. Men believed Satan instead of God.

Nearly all of Genesis 4 is an account of the wickedness of man after the fall, but just when it seems that man might never again seek God, Eve bore another son. Seth was born, and he became the replacement for the righteous Abel. Suddenly, a glimmer of hope arose:
To Seth, to him also a son was born; and he called his name Enosh Then men began to call upon the name of the LORD. (Genesis 4:26)
The pre-flood world was plagued with violence, and in the midst of all the pain— in the midst of all the death and immorality— in the midst of all of this, Scripture states: Then men began to call upon the name of the LORD.

Abel was not the last man to give a heartfelt offering to God. Eve was not the last woman to bow in submission to the sovereignty of God. There were others who also began to realize that sin could never satisfy. Rather than pursuing the passing things of the world, these men called upon the name of the LORD. They realized that they could not do it on their own— that hope in a dark and depraved world could only be found through God— and God alone.

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