Thursday, October 07, 2010

Quote of the Day #23 - Charles Spurgeon

A very blunt quote from Charles Spurgeon:
The deceitful adulteration of doctrine is attended by a falsification of experience. Men are now told that they were born good, or were made so by their infant baptism, and so that great sentence, "Ye must be born again," is deprived of its force. Repentance is ignored, faith is a drug in the market as compared with "honest doubt," and mourning for sin and communion with God are dispensed with, to make way for entertainments, and Socialism, and politics of varying shades. A new creature in Christ Jesus is looked upon as a sour invention of bigoted Puritans.
~Charles Spurgeon (No Compromise)

Note that Spurgeon preached this sermon in 1888. Truth is always relevant.

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