Friday, October 15, 2010

The Cave Men of Genesis - Genesis 4

Those who hold to an evolutionary view of history have done an amazing job promoting the absurd idea of the "cave man". They enjoy imagining pre-human (and for the most part unintelligent) creatures who spoke with grunts— whose greatest accomplishment was the invention of fire.

But the "cave men" of Genesis were quite different from the fantasies of modern day bible-bashing historians. In fact, the cave men of Genesis were nothing like the cave men which the media often portrays.

First, the cave men of Genesis probably didn't live in caves. Adam and Eve, the first two humans, lived in a garden. Cain didn't live in a cave. Instead, he built the City of Enoch. Jabal was no caveman either. He was intelligent enough to build a portable tent so that he could move throughout the country with his livestock (wait... cavemen could manage livestock?).

Second, the caveless men of Genesis were perfectly capable of speaking fluent language. The "gift of language" was clearly present in the garden of Eden. Adam would have had a hard time giving names to the animals if he was incapable of processing a language (Genesis 2:20). Also, when God asked Adam, "Where are you?" (Genesis 3:9), Adam understood the question and responded with... (you guessed it) words.

As for the invention of fire, it seems men were more eager to do other things— such as Jubal, who became the father of all those who play the lyre and the pipe. Which came first, the lyre or fire? Jubal's brother, Tubal-cain, became an expert at forging with bronze and iron... which sort of presupposes knowledge of fire.

The idea that humans are evolving into more intelligent beings is simply not true according to Scripture. The men in the early chapters of Genesis, biologically speaking, were just as capable as humans are today (if not more capable due to their much longer life expectancy). While the technology of today is superior to the technology of the past, it is also important to remember that today's technology is the outcome of thousands of years of human research and innovation. The caveless men of Genesis weren't stupid, they just didn't have as much history to look back and build upon— they had to start from scratch.

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  1. In the Book of Adam & Eve, after being expelled from the garden, Adam & eve lived in a cave and even gave birth to Seth in a Cave. No modern Homo sapiens lived in caves, so who's not to say that Adam or Cain wasn't Neandrethal. In the Middle East people still hang out in mountainous caves for meditation or to live.

    1. I wrote the above article 6 years ago when I was much less cautious! You definitely have a point. It certainly is a possibility that some of the people before the Flood lived in caves. However, since we know Cain built a city, then we know at least some people lived above ground.

      I think the main thing I was trying to get at is the typical thing people have in mind when they think of a "cave man" wasn't at all what humans were like before the Flood. They certainly didn't speak in grunts.