Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quote of the Day #2 - Bunyan

This is an excerpt taken from the very beginning of Pilgrim's Progress, a book which is an allegory of the Christian life. In this excerpt, The evangelist is warning the main character, Christian, of the judgment to come (emphasis added):
Then he [The Evangelist] gave him [Christian] a parchment roll, and there was written within, Flee from the wrath to come. The man, therefore, read it, and looking upon Evangelist very carefully said, Whither must I fly? Then said the Evangelist, Keep that light in your eye, and go up directly threreto: so shalt thou see the gate, at which, when thou knockest, it shall be told thee what thou shalt do. So I saw in my dream that the man began to run. Now, he had not run far from his own door but his wife and children, perceiving it, begain to cry after him to return; but the man put his fingers in his ears, and ran on, crying, Life! Life! Eternal life! So he looked not behind him, but fled towards the middle of the plain.
~John Bunyan (Pilgrim's Progress)

When a person becomes a Christian, it is no longer a priority to listen to the world. It is no longer a priority to care what the world may think. Everything changes. The world looks completely different. All of the temporal pleasures of this world become less enjoyable because a greater joy has been found. Thus you place your fingers in your ears, for you no longer care about the world's opinion, and you run like a lunatic crying, Life! Life! Eternal life!

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