Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quote of the Day #1 - Spurgeon

Since this is the first Quote of the Day, here's a little explanation: It sounds like what it is, a random (and hopefully profound and insightful) quote. Some days they will be long, and some days they will be short. Some days I may expand upon the quote, and some days I may just leave the quote as is. I will try to include the source of the quote as much as possible.

Since this is the first quote, I have posted one of my favorites. Here it is:
We never sent to him; he sent to us. Suppose that, after we had all sinned, we had fallen on our knees, and cried importunately, "Oh, Father, forgive us!" Suppose that day after day we had been, with many piteous tears and cries, supplicating and entreating forgiveness of God. It would be great love then that he should devise a way of pardoning us. But no; it was the very reverse. God sent an ambassador of peace to us; we sent no embassage to him. Man turned his back on God, and went farther and farther from him, and never thought of turning his face toward his best Friend. It is not man that turns beggar to God for salvation; it is, if I may dare to say it, as though the Eternal God himself did beg of his creatures to be saved. Jesus Christ has not come into the world to be sought for, but to seek that which is lost. It all begins with him. Unsought, unbidden by the object of his compassion, Jesus came into the world. 
 -Charles Spurgeon (Herein Is Love)

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