Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Fall: Merciful Curses - The Christian Worldview

Eve was deceived by Satan and sinned, thus humanity fell from perfection. Pain entered the world. Disease and death have wrecked havoc ever since. But what if God had left the world in its perfect state? What if God had not given humanity any consequences for such sinful actions?

The curses in Genesis 3 were certainly acts of judgment, but they were also acts of mercy. While the curses definitely inflict pain, they also serve as a reminder of the fallen state of humanity. Whenever you are sick or in pain... whenever you look around and see death and destruction... whenever you can see nothing but the miseries of this world, it is God calling out. It is God reminding humanity of the horrific consequences of sin.

Without these reminders, and without God working to restrain man's wickedness, everyone would perish. Imagine what would have occurred if shame had not entered the world when Adam and Eve sinned. They would not have covered themselves. Instead, they would have continued delighting in their sin. The wickedness of their sin would have grown deeper and deeper- and they would have had no conscience to hold them back. They would have joyfully spent all the days of their lives living in sin (without one reminder of their fallen condition) and upon death they would be cast straight into hell.

God has designed the present world in such a way so that pain reminds men that they are fallen. True and everlasting joy can never be found in any type of sin in this world. No matter how hard men try, they will never find true satisfaction in sin. But whoever drinks of the water which Christ gives will never thirst again (John 4:14). True and everlasting satisfaction can only be found in seeking and pursuing God. He is the only eternal being, and thus He is the only source of perfect and everlasting joy.

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  1. God being perfect and just could not design a world that is imperfect. It stands to reason that imperfection doesn't come from a perfect being. If God created something imperfect, then He would cease to be God. This simply logic, that God being perfect cannot create anything less than perfect. No evil can come from God. He may allow misery to happen, but not generate misery.

  2. The reason the creation was cursed, is because man, becoming mortal, needed a mortal and imperfect place to live and be tested. The one who transgressed was not the creation, it was Adam. But God retired His Spirit from it so the fallen man could have a place to live and to be tested. So the earth and all creation became also decayed for the sake of mankind.
    Therefore, tragedies and misery is not a reminder from God, it is a condition, it is part of the human experience. And so, even if you are righteous, you will still experience adversity because a decayed nature matches a decayed fallen mankind. This is the condition in which mankind needs to live to prove themselves to be worthy to come to God's presence one day.