Monday, May 31, 2010

Traverse Not With Wickedness - Psalm 1:1

How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked,
Nor stand in the path of sinners,
Nor sit in the seat of scoffers! (Psalm 1:1)
The word blessed is the hinge upon which the entirety of Psalm 1 hangs. The first three verses portray an image of the blessed man, but the last three verses describe the cursed man.

At the beginning of Psalm 1, three commands are given: First, the reader is instructed to not walk in the counsel of the wicked. Only two groups can be consulted for wisdom in this world: the wicked or the righteous, the worldly or those with their eyes and hearts set on the eternal. Those who are blessed cannot chase after the opinion of the wicked. To walk in and lead a lifestyle in accordance with the counsel of the wicked is a portrait not of the blessed man, but of the cursed man.

The second command given to the reader is to not stand in the path of sinners. Psalm 17:4 states, “I have kept from the paths of the violent"; Psalm 119:104 states, “I hate every false way”— To stand in the path of sinners is to abandon both hatred of error and refuse to enter the way of the righteous. The person who stands in this wayward path sees nothing blatantly wrong about sin and cares not who might be offended by such wickedness.

The third and last command given is to not sit in the seat of scoffers. To sit in the seat implies a person who has taken it upon them self as their duty and profession to sneer and tear down others. Violation of this third command is the sin of a hypocrite who is only able to mock at the failures and shortcomings of others.

How blessed is the man who wants nothing to do with wickedness! He cannot bear to run, leap, walk, stand, sit, or involve himself in any way with any form of sin!

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  1. thats pretty cool:) and quite true. like, i guess... a lot of people compromise things, if that makes sense. like, overall, they want righteousness, but there are times when they think its ok to somewhat blend with the world, cuz its not "that bad." there are something i justify mostly for knowledge sake. if i didnt watch ANY average person television, i would have no clue what a lot of people are talking about. tho, i admit, sometimes i myself go too far with that. typically, i cringe whenever a show or movie does ANYTHING against my Savior... but not every single time.

    another thing i like about this verse is its progression. actually, casting crowns based an entire song off this verse. how like, if you notice, the command given us to avoid wickedness basically is also an illustration of someone slowly shutting down. First he's walking, then he's standing, then he's sitting. He's kinda going from more active to more still.... life to death.

    another thing to point out about the illustration is that when you're WALKING, its easier to get out of something. like, all you have to do is change your velocity and you're in another direction lol. standing, its still pretty easy... but now you have all that static friction and inertia to overcome. then, with sitting, you have to get past all the G-Force acting against you. haha, we learned something in physics:)

    i myself have seen it time and time again. in others' lives, and in my own. beginning with something that doesnt seem so harmless, something you can get out of easily, but then you sink deeper and deeper til you're well stuck. the fuzzy line here, is always the difference between the Christian and the nonChristian for me. like, all those who say that they're Christians but dont live like it. Is it cuz they were truly never saved? or are they having a moment where they simply made some bad decisions that led to other things, and shortly they'll get out of it? are they truly fruitless? its hard to judge. and judge when to judge. when we arent even the ultimate judge, but we are supposed to discern. we need to recognize who these wicked are, who these sinners are, and who these scoffers are.

    i'll also randomly point out, even tho i doubt anyone will read this haha, that its doesn't say "or," it says "nor." meaning, i assume, that you cant just chose one. you need to avoid ALL of them. then you shall be BLESSED, basically, happy:) happy in a way that others wish they had your happiness. basically, to have the coolest unregrettable life that you can, avoid wickedness at all costs, lest you be brought into it. ALWAYS better safe than sorry.

    dont go w/ sinners, dont identify w/ scoffers, and most certainly dont ask the unsaved for council, as they dont have the same purpose you do, and you ALWAYS want Godly advice. in many ways, its who you have around you for support and advice that can save you from A LOT of trouble:)